A Cast of Thousands is a quartet from “History’s Hometown” – Auburn, New York. They just released their fifth album The Fifth in June 2017. It is 16 songs written about love, politics, and astrophysics. Most songs are written by the husband and wife team – Beth Beer and Terry Cuddy. Drummer Jim Andrews has been with the band since they formed in 2010 and more recently Terry Quill has joined as lead guitarist. As a band, they’ve opened up for national acts such as Suzanne Vega and they play on a regular basis in Central New York. A Cast of Thousands is a local band at heart. They are loyal to their geographic, social, and political realities and create collagist portraits and landscapes that elevate everyday life with their music. Their songs have been described as “barnstormers”, “simple stabs at precious pop”, with a “rough and ready sonic immediacy.” Since 2010, they’ve recorded three albums – A Cast of Thousands, Aqua Fur, and Alone in the Crowd. Jack Rabid from The Big Takeover described their latest studio release “Alone is good and plenty.”

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Rock-n-Roll from History's Hometown