Sub Rosa Review in the Big Takeover

Here is review from the Big Takeover for A Cast of Thousands’ newest release “Sub Rosa” by Jack Rabid: “I dig well-recorded studio session live albums in front of fans, but this set confused me. Having reviewed the Auburn, NY (28 miles west of Syracuse) band’s Aqua Fur (2011) and Alone in the Crowd (2105), why don’t I recognize these songs? Fear not, there aren’t two bands with this name; ACoT have released a Sub Rosa acoustic session sneak-peek as their next LP, continuing their spry-pop direction. Introducing a new fourth member, guitarist Terry Quill, his and Terry Cuddy’s acoustic and electric guitars balance on the standouts like “A Stake” and hoarders-lament “Resting Place” recall the raptures of post-Murmur/pre-Document R.E.M., when jots of roots rock lurk within the quickened, post-punk folk rock. Plus singer/songwriter Beth Beer has never sounded better/comfortable despite lacking the security of overdubs, setting adding edge to her plain-sung, durable voice. Can’t see how they can improve this version.”